Play, Perform & Produce

Technology has made it possible for the musicians to perform any composition in a group or perhaps standalone. In early days you needed a complete set of accompany with heavy devices to perform a composition. However with emerging music technologies, today we have the opportunity to sum up the tools or instrument in bare minimum devices such as iPad, laptops or even your mobile phone. The rest is how to use your imagination. At Sweetsonic we believe in interacting and playing music as per how the audience reacts or as per the mood irrespective of the music instrument or device.


  • Live DJ Software Template

  • Audio Gears

    • Akai (APC 40 mk2, MPK mini Mk2)
    • Push *
    • M-audio (Axiom 61)
    • Korg (Havian 3000)
    • Apple Hardware & Application
    • Android Apps 
    • Yamaha XG 10 u
    • Focusrite 2X4 Audio Interface M-Audio mbox 2×2
  • piano and keyboard (Korg havian 3000)

  • Midi Controllers (Akai MPK MK2 MINI, Akai apc 40 mk2)

  • MIxer ( yamaha xg 10u)


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